An Early Christmas Gift!

If you’re a church leader still scratching your head about what to do as a church this Christmas, perhaps these resources may come in handy!

Based on the principle of advent (meaning the build up to Christmas), we took 4 weeks prior to Christmas Day to really unpack the real heart and purpose behind the season – the arrival of Jesus and how this impacts every part of our lives. The messages, including Chrsitams Day focussed on one of the following themes each:

PEACE: How Jesus, the promised Prince of Peace brings us peace with God, within ourselves, and with the world and circumstances we find ourselves in.

PLACE: A focus on the place (Bethlehem) part of the nativity, with a link to where we will be over this season and how God orchestrates his purposes to be fulfilled in his time.

PRESENCE: The lens of the angels’ part of the nativity. Focusing on the glory of God, God’s presence to the world, Emmanuel. Linked to the challenge of wherever you are, be all there – be present.

PURPOSE: A focus on the shepherds’ part of the nativity, with a link to people working over this season.

PURSUIT: Takens from the lens of the magi (wise men) part of the nativity, we focus on the pursuit of God, Emmanuel.

In this pack, you’ll find everything we used last year in the run-up to Christmas, as well as our Christmas messages and related resources.