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Advice for speaking to kids about suicide | Tracey Wood, Clinical Social Worker


Following the tragic death of one of our teenagers, many parents have requested some guidance on how to manage questions and feelings their child may be experiencing or struggling with. Tracey Wood, a Clinical Social Worker, has put the following guidelines together.

Advice for speaking to kids about suicide | Tracey Wood, Clinical Social Worker2018-12-11T13:50:27+00:00

Clarity That Cuts | Terran Williams


This post is by no means an exhaustive guide to sermon creation, but a brief overview of some things I always keep in mind whilst preparing a message. If you share the unique and priviliged role of sermon writing, have a look and see if any of my thoughts resonate with your own…

Clarity That Cuts | Terran Williams2018-12-11T13:51:03+00:00

6 Critical Tasks For Life Group Leaders | Terran Williams


This is a written form of a refresher training Terran Williams did with the Constantiaberg life group leaders – it is inspired by the Life Group Training Manual created by Roger Haynes. Feel free to use it.

6 Critical Tasks For Life Group Leaders | Terran Williams2018-12-10T09:48:34+00:00



Over 7 weeks in 2016, we embarked on an epic journey up the mountain with Jesus.


Fruit of the Vine


The night before Jesus’ body was crimson stained, he held out a bunch of grapes to his disciples. “Everything you need to know about a vital, abundant Life with Me is right here in my hand,” he said.

Fruit of the Vine2018-12-18T00:54:25+00:00

Vintage Church


Over 3 weeks we explore the original church and why it is still a timely expression of the timeless gospel community Jesus gave his life for.

Vintage Church2019-01-10T08:04:23+00:00

Four things you can’t live without


Food, oxygen and water are basic neccesities for life, but there are 4 intangibles that are just as vital if we are to have any hope of not simply surviving, but thriving.

Four things you can’t live without2018-12-18T01:11:02+00:00

Stories Jesus Told


Over this 5-week series, we explore 5 of Jesus’ parables – drawing out their message and life-changing meaning for us in the 21st Century.

Stories Jesus Told2018-12-18T01:18:09+00:00
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