Big Rocks First

By Common Resources

Let’s talk about calendar planning… it’s administratively intense, it takes more time than we’d like, but it’s absolutely critical too. After all, what we choose to put in our diaries will ultimately reflect what takes up the lion’s share of our head and heart space too. Quite simply: what we truly value should not be written on a fancy plaque, but into our actual calendars. Since we’ve just begun the big task of calendar planning for 2020, we thought we’d open up the conversation.

Louise and Matt co-lead Common Ground’s staff team and play a huge role in making sure our collective calendar reflects our convictions. In this podcast, they share some of our tried and tested learnings on the sacred art of getting the big rocks in first.


If you would like to check out a template of our calendar planning process and the multiple levels and layers we consider: here you go!