Thoughts On Multi-Site | Podcast

Multi-site, multi-congregation, multi-church… call it what you want, it’s a complex animal indeed! But it’s one we’ve grown to love at Common Ground. Here, we gave the mic to two different perspectives to shed some honest light on all we’ve learnt as we continue to plant deeper and wider into our city.

Thoughts On Kids Ministry Podcast

We caught up with some of our best leaders in our Kids & Teen Ministries – to glean from them what we can to help any other churches looking for some fresh inspiration on how and why to impact the next generation!

Thoughts On Pre-Marriage | Podcast

In this podcast, we catch up with two of the leaders, Mike and Jane Hampton, to chat around what makes this time work as well as what advice they’d give to other churches considering starting something similar.

Church Finances | Podcast

Let’s talk about money! How do we set salaries? How do we diligently steward the resources God and his people have entrusted to us? And what are some practical tools every church could benefit from?

Leading Together | Podcast

Instead of espousing himself as the one and only leader of Common Ground, Rigby Wallace likes to say he leads the team that leads Common Ground.

An Early Christmas Gift!

If you’re a church leader still scratching your head about what to do as a church this Christmas, perhaps these resources may come in handy!

To the power of 3

Over the many years that I’ve been following Christ and encouraging others to do the same, I’ve become more and more convinced that although our faith is personal, it is by no means meant to be private

A False Trichotomy

One of my sons is a natural-born competitor. Through his eyes, every normal activity is a race to the finish. He’s the first to get dressed every morning, the first to finish his breakfast and the very last to let go of the invisible “score card” we all tend to keep in our heads at times...

Creating An Effective Small Group Ministry

Thinking big about how, why and what kinds of small groups we are creating should be a big deal. This e-book will reveal some of the thinking behind the way Common Ground goes about small group ministry, but more importantly, it will help any leadership team find their tailor-made approach.

Lessons I’ve learnt as a church planter | Roger Haynes

In 2015, my wife Nicks and I planted a new CG congregation in Table View. It has been both daunting and delightful, so if you're embarking on a similar venture, here are some of our hard-won lessons so far on our journey. I hope they offer some assistance and inspiration to you.

Clarity That Cuts | Terran Williams

This post is by no means an exhaustive guide to sermon creation, but a brief overview of some things I always keep in mind whilst preparing a message. If you share the unique and priviliged role of sermon writing, have a look and see if any of my thoughts resonate with your own…

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