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Inspiration and skills to seek and save the lost.

This series of resources has been created with individual believers, Christian parents, preachers and church leaders in mind. It’s aim: to powerfully inspire and practically equip more of us to reach more people for Christ.

Available books to download below:

The Missionally Potent Church. How to reach people for Christ as a church.

Motivated for Mission. Biblical reasons to reach out. For all believers, especially preachers.

The False Trichotomy. Rediscovering a sacred synergy between discipleship, mission and magnetism. For Christian leaders.

Magnetic Sundays. How to reach people in your Sunday meetings. For Christian leaders.

In-Reach. Introducing our kids to Christ. For all Christian parents.

Ignite. A 31-day journey into the Bible for new and not-yet believers.


The Family Bible Adventure
30 Object Lessons & Memory Verses for Kids

A monthly round-up of all the new stuff you’re interested in.